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Jeanderson Cândido

Software Engineer from Brazil based in the Netherlands. I'm interested in Distributed Systems, Development Productivity, Machine Learning for Software Engineering (ML4SE), and Program Analysis in general.


I'm a lifelong learner passionate about Software Engineering, Data, and Education.

I received my Master's degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil) in 2018. In my thesis, I studied the challenges, benefits, and adoption of test suite parallelization in the Java open-source ecosystem. In addition to that, I also contributed to a project aimed at the detection of plugin interaction bugs in the WordPress PHP ecosystem. On that project, my supervisor and I proposed the initial version of a randomized divide-and-conquer algorithm to handle the combinatorial problem of detecting pairs of malfunctioning plugins in a large search space. That project was carried on by another student as I was close to graduation.

From 2018 to 2021, I was a PhD candidate at the Software Engineer Research Group from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) in partnership with Adyen, a Dutch fintech company. I was involved mainly in studing logging practices in an enterprise system. During that time, I published a summary of the broad landscape of observability, covering the latest developments in Academia and Industry on logging, processing (including ingestion and efficient storage), and analysis. I also conducted an exploratory study on the feasibility of learning logging patterns from source code so developers could make more informed decisions during development.

In 2021, I made the though decision of quitting academia to become a full-time Software Engineer with an unfinished degree. I was fortunate to be supervised by highly skilled experts in their fields. I fulfilled my goal of conducting my own projects, publishing, and presenting them at top-tier venues in Software Engineering during my time as a researcher. My passion for Software Engineering as a discipline remains but no longer in a "paper-publishing" oriented way. I'm driven by the challenges of developing and operating complex systems, and keeping engineering teams productive when handling large and complex code bases.

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